3 Processes to Reduce Restaurant Food Waste Today


Every restaurant owner wants to reduce restaurant food waste. That is because we understand that food cost is one of the biggest operating expenses. According to the United States Department of Agriculture Food Price Outlook report, food prices have increased 1.4% over the past year and are expected to continue to rise. Restaurant operators can raise menu prices and operate with a leaner staff, but there are a few other ways to manage restaurant food costs. Through sales forecasting, goal setting, and … Read More

How to Create Restaurant Systems for Your New Concept

FreshCheq - Restaurant Systems

Sustainable restaurant success requires a strong foundation beginning on opening day. Owners and operators who recognize the importance of three core areas, business, culture, and operations systems, will have an advantage. An innovative concept and high quality food is rarely more important than delivering a consistent and valuable guest experience. Consistent systems ensure an improved guest experience and allow owners and managers to manage more effectively. Restaurant Business Many new restaurants deliver great food and service, but are not sound … Read More

Are Restaurant Owners Ready to Ditch Paper Reporting?


We bank online. We track our workouts online. We do our accounting online. But, most restaurant owners still track food safety and food waste with paper. Stacks of paper temp logs that are half completed and endless spreadsheets take hours to compile into a monthly food safety or food waste report. It isn’t a matter of “if” restaurant owners will begin to use restaurant digital platforms for food safety and food waste reporting, but more a matter of “when.” And … Read More

Tricks to Make Your Next Catering Event Run Smoothly


or any catering event to run smoothly, much preparation is required. From proper staffing to food prep, there’s a lot that goes into catering an event. Besides the basic planning, there are some tricks that can bring your next catering event to the next level. Reliable Transportation Trying to stuff all your catering equipment into a few cars can get confusing and messy. Unreliable transportation can start the catering event off on the wrong foot and push the schedule back … Read More

How Should I Handle a Restaurant Food Poisoning Accusation?


You started your business filled with excitement about serving amazing food to your customers and building a popular restaurant. You never imagined that your restaurant could actually make someone sick. There aren’t many things that will cause PANIC for a restaurant owner the way a food poisoning accusation can. Just one food poisoning accusation can cost your restaurant its reputation and may even jeopardize your entire business. The way owners handle an accusation is vital for the future of your business and the … Read More

5 Restaurant Sanitation Habits Critical for Food Safety


Most of the foodborne illnesses experienced today are preventable if every step in the food handling chain from farmers, chefs, food processors, cooks, and finally, to servers focuses on food safety, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nonprofit consumer group. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a legislative measure that ensures our food supply is safe by reprioritizing the focus from food contamination response to foodborne illness prevention. The FDA added two major rules … Read More

Marketing 101 For Restaurant Owners


Whether you’ve owned a restaurant for years or you’re just getting started in the industry, attracting customers to keep your business going can be a challenge. Some promotional tactics can be pretty effective for the type of patrons you want to attract, while others can prove to be useless, no matter how much effort you put into your marketing campaign. Here are some of the most effective marketing 101 for restaurant owners tips to let people know that you are … Read More

3 Clever Ways to Control Your Restaurant Food Costs


Year after year, research conducted by the National Restaurant Association reveals that restaurant food costs are the number one concern for restaurant owners. 75% of surveyed restaurant owners reported that food costs are a top challenge. We love to bring fresh ideas to help make restaurant operation easier for restaurant owners, so we put together a few clever ways that your restaurant can reduce its food spend and be more profitable. 1. Audit Your Menu Do you know your recipe … Read More

FreshCheq Featured in FoodGrads.com Blog


FoodGrads is an interactive platform for the Food & Beverage Industry that focuses on closing the gap between students/recent graduates and employers. Their broader mission is to attract and retain people to a meaningful career in Food & Beverage. Their goals are: (1) Spreading awareness of the different occupations available in Food & Beverage;(2) Support students/grads starting their careers or during a job transition;(3) Create an interactive platform for the Food & Beverage industry as a whole. FreshCheq co-owner, Julie Wilson, is … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Dangerous Restaurant Food Poisoning Pathogens


According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 48 million Americans become ill, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die each year from food poisoning. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are the primary sources of most reported food poisoning cases, typically the result of improper food handling. Small amounts of bacteria are not harmful to most healthy adults because of the human body’s natural immunities that successfully fight them off. However, when harmful bacteria and other foreign pathogens … Read More