4 Keys to Managing Multiple Restaurants for Franchise Owners


One of the most attractive perks for franchise owners is the ability to expand throughout a city or region. Many corporate headquarters offer logistical support and allow owners to benefit from name recognition, which makes it easier for owners to grow their operations and devote their full-time attention to managing their businesses. There are numerous challenges facing owners of multiple restaurants, but a little planning and the right tools are enough to overcome these obstacles. Learn to Delegate Entrepreneurs and … Read More

The 9 Food Safety Golden Rules for Restaurant Owners

FreshCheq - Safety Rules Restaurant Owners

We have all cringed as we read the news about Chipotle, The Chicken and Rice Guys, and Jack in the Box and the food safety holes that they have had to dig themselves out of. No restaurant owner wants to be in that position. According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 48 million Americans experience foodborne infections each year, and 3,000 deaths occur annually.To learn more about food poisoning and common pathogens, read The Ultimate Guide to Dangerous Restaurant Food Poisoning … Read More

Your Restaurant is Only as Strong as Your Weakest Food Safety Link


It only takes one food safety oversight for your restaurant to fail an inspection or get a guest sick. Food safety breaches could happen to any restaurant. The quality of your restaurant’s food safety should only be measured by how well your staff performs with a full restaurant when in the weeds. How Common Are Food Safety Oversights? In September, 2018 an E. coli contamination recall removed more than 130,000 pounds of ground beef from market. Several times throughout 2018, … Read More

4 Reasons Your Restaurant Operations Strategy is Failing (And What To Do About It)

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Owning a restaurant is a dream for many. The excitement, the planning, the grand opening…it feels like a dream. But, for many restaurant owners, a flawed restaurant operations strategy can end the dream quickly. Restaurant owners quickly learn that operating a restaurant is hard work. The majority of new restaurant owners do not have the work ethic, the operations strategy, or the grit, which is why the average life span of a new restaurant is only five years. Oftentimes, the … Read More

The Importance of Using Restaurant Cooling Logs


Managing risk is one of the most critical functions of owning a restaurant. Restaurants that consistently utilize restaurant cooling logs minimize the risk of food poisoning. Focusing on practices that reduce risk factors known to contribute to foodborne illness is imperative for any restaurant brand. Let’s focus our attention to a lesser known food safety topic: the proper cooling of hot food. Are Restaurants Using Restaurant Cooling Logs? Although most restaurant kitchen managers report that they have formal cooling processes (86%) … Read More

6 Essential Tools to Automate Managing Restaurant Operations

FreshCheq - Tools to Automate Managing Restaurant Operations

Running a restaurant is a demanding and often thankless job. Managing restaurant operations requires coordinated systems at all levels to run smoothly. Efficient restaurants streamline their processes and automate managing restaurant operations that allow them to guarantee a positive customer experience by reducing the chance of error. A study by the National Restaurant Association found that 32 percent of restaurant owners think their restaurant is lacking when it comes to technology. Technological advancements allow restaurant owners to employ tools to reduce human … Read More

Designing a Quick Service Restaurant for the Future

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What does building a quick service restaurant for the future look like? Only one thing is certain- the future is a big unknown and very fast moving. We are in an era of heightened food safety expectations, high quality cuisine, increased concern about sustainability, rising labor costs, improved technology, and “outside of the box” service options. Brands are in a unique position where the old way no longer applies and embracing continuous improvement is what secures a restaurant’s future. Delivery … Read More

5 Hidden Dangers Threatening Your Restaurant Guests


Major accidents are not just related to factories and construction worker jobs. In restaurants, there are unique issues that may cause injury or illness. Restaurant owners who prioritize safety have the most successful businesses. Check out these 5 hidden dangers that are common in restaurants. Slips and Falls In all businesses, the most common accidents are slips and falls that occur for various reasons. In a restaurant, most slips are caused when people inadvertently step onto floor spills. That’s why … Read More

How Will Restaurant Food Waste Regulations Affect Your Business?

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If your region has not yet had to make adjustments due to restaurant food waste regulations, begin planning now. In a nation where 1 in 7 people suffer from food insecurity, many states have begun to develop regulations to drastically reduce food waste. The USDA reports that up to 40 percent of all food produced is not consumed. As much as 95 percent of that wasted food ends up in landfills, which produces methane gas, widely accepted as a critical … Read More

The Staggering Reality of Restaurant Food Waste

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Restaurant food waste is a little discussed topic. An enormous amount of food is wasted or thrown out at restaurants all across the country every single day. Much of the food waste consists of that piece of steak you left on your plate because you were too full, or the last few bites of that huge serving of lasagna. It’s all going to be thrown out. But some of the food waste comes from the meal that was taken back … Read More