Designed out of frustration to solve food log issues
by people who use it. No hardware needed.

If your restaurant or food truck is anything like ours, then you likely struggle with inconsistent scheduled line checks and food logs. FreshCheq is our customized solution to dreaded paper logs and cumbersome reporting.

Who Are Our Customers

Some Amazing Features of Our App

If you are bored with reading about FreshCheq, contact us for a quick demo so that we can show you how it works.


Android and Apple Friendly

The FreshCheq app works easily on Android or Apple devices.


Cloud based reporting system uses existing equipment. No hardware needed.

Real-Time Updates

Real time updates allow managers to hold employees accountable.

No Additional Costs

No additional costs for equipment or hardware.



Enterprise reporting enables managers and owners to leverage their business intelligence and engage the entire team. So, that means that whether you own 5 or 50 stores, all levels of management can view logs.


Customize to Your Needs

Brand customization of the app to promote employee engagement.

Unique Value Proposition

FreshCheq provides a no fuss alternative to dreaded paper food logs, ensuring restaurant safety standards with no added hardware or expense.

How It Works

Easy to use, responsive dashboard allows for log entry with the touch of a button.

What Our Awesome Customers Say

Don’t take it from us…

Our Pricing & Plans

Simple AND affordable? YES, FreshCheq is all of that!

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$259/year for first store
  • $199/year for each additional store
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Cloud-Based
  • Enterprise Reporting
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$25/mo for first store
  • $20/month for each additional store
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Cloud-Based
  • Enterprise Reporting
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Would you like to ask a few questions before signing up? Email or call us at 855-581-PSHQ. Or, complete the contact form and we will be in touch.

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